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When we see women accomplishing what they set out to, we recognise that it’s possible. They give wings to our dreams. They open the playing field. They make everyone else believe that women can do it too. These women become our role models and disrupt the status quo forever. But, how many of these women can we name? 

The Problem

Women’s contributions often get lost either because their work isn’t given due importance or because they get overshadowed by men who may have got there first. We often forget that women overcome gender barriers to reach where they are which is also why they inspire other women the way notable men may not.

Then, how might we recognise these women and their achievements before they are lost with time?

What can you do?

If each of us could take up the baton of recognising these women from our hometowns, we would see before us a pool of women role models. We invite you to help us discover notable women from each little town across the country. Reach out to your community and family Whatsapp groups, ask about the women who changed the way things were, and add them to the database. Let our towns be known by their women. Let these women inspire us. Let’s brew equality!

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